PRO3S joins the Association of Manufacturers and Marketers of Food Additives and Supplements (AFCA)

PRO3S joins the Association of Manufacturers and Marketers of Food Additives and Supplements (AFCA)

It is with great enthusiasm that we announce our recent strategic partnership with the prestigious Association of Manufacturers and Marketers of Food Additives and Supplements (AFCA).

This collaboration not only symbolizes a step forward in our commitment to excellence, but will also strengthen our purpose to deliver innovative solutions and ongoing support to the industries we value so much.


What does this exciting partnership mean for you, our dear ones?


Access to State-of-the-Art Resources: Through this partnership, we now have privileged access to advanced resources, up-to-date information, and the latest trends in the industry landscape. This will allow us to fine-tune our offerings and provide you with even more relevant and efficient services.

Commitment to Sustainable Development: In line with our philosophy of corporate social responsibility, we are committed to the sustainable development of the industries we serve. AFCA shares this commitment, and together we will explore solutions that benefit both your company and the environment.

Exclusive Events & Networking: We are excited for the opportunity to host exclusive events and networking sessions that will allow you to connect with industry experts and learn from best practices. We look forward to providing them with enriching experiences that foster mutual growth.


What can they anticipate on the horizon?

Continuous Innovation: You can expect engagement with our customers from the launch of new products and services that reflect not only our internal innovation, but also the best practices of the industry as a whole.

Education & Knowledge: We are planning a series of exclusive webinars and webinars to keep you informed about the latest trends and developments in your respective industries.

Community Engagement: As part of our social responsibility, we will actively participate in initiatives that have a positive impact on our local communities and beyond.


We are genuinely excited for this new phase and the exciting opportunities that will present itself.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and look forward to continuing to be your trusted partner on the path to business success.

AFCA: Aditivos alimentarios | Nuestros asociados (
+34 937 152 665
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