Manufacturing and packaging solutions for third-party solid products


Today, outsourcing is the key to reversing this situation of uncertainty, as long as the contracted company bases its relationships on business ethics, committing to creating value, providing experience, confidentiality, adaptability, and versatility to the client.

Outsourcing allows reducing production costs, shifting from fixed costs to variable costs; gaining a competitive advantage in the market, and allowing the client to focus on more profitable operations.


Not only purely economic costs should be evaluated with outsourcing, but we must also remember to assess the internal expenses that NOT outsourcing services could cause:


Conventional production line stoppage when introducing a new product and/or format.

PRO3S has versatile production and packaging lines that adapt to a variety of product types and formats.


Production line saturation when receiving extra orders.

PRO3S, being a third-party process company, has the capacity to optimize processes for both cleaning and production for the required units/formats.


Delays in delivery time that may occur when receiving extra orders.

PRO3S plans according to the needs of our clients.


Extra repairs/maintenance on production lines.

PRO3S has a full-service maintenance service that provides optimal agility and versatility for each of the processes.


Hiring expenses for new qualified personnel.

PRO3S has a fixed staff and a variable staff percentage according to needs with consolidated training and skills.

PRO3S IS a partner that understands your needs, optimizes your processes for the required units or extra orders, as well as controls production like you, helping you define the production process, allowing you to approve the new product or meet your customer's needs in the required form and time.

Anna Falcó, CEO of Pro3S

With experience, performance, and trust since our beginnings, we have worked, allowing us to currently be the partner of large companies in the sector, becoming a link in their value chain, sharing resources and objectives.

Certifications and our validated, certified, and consolidated internal work system ensure quality and safety in all processes and products we make.

We control and record all stages of the process, especially the CCPs of each one, to offer a comprehensive and quality service tailored to each client.

Confidentiality, versatility, and a service-oriented approach are our goals thanks to the trust and commitment of our clients.

We work every day to simply do it right with you!
+34 937 152 665
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