EcoVadis Silver Medal 2023

Companies have long ceased to be mere economic agents with the sole objective of making money. As part of the society we are, we must also operate responsibly and sustainably to contribute to the well-being of our customers, employees, partners, and, in general, the entire society and the planet. All this without forgetting environmental respect and corporate social responsibility.

At PRO3S, we are 100% committed to this philosophy in every decision we make, striving to contribute to making a better world within our means.

But we know that words alone are not enough. It is also necessary to demonstrate it with actions.

That's why we are proud to announce that we have achieved the EcoVadis Silver Medal 2023. An acknowledgment that certifies our compliance with social responsibility and sustainability.



What is EcoVadis?


EcoVadis is the world's leading organization dedicated to rating corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Companies worldwide turn to this independent provider with two objectives:

  • Evaluate the level of compliance with their internal processes to improve their social and environmental practices and implement improvement plans.
  • Share this information with their customers and stakeholders to promote transparency.

Currently, EcoVadis has a network of more than 65,000 rated companies, belonging to more than 200 sectors and 160 different countries.


What methodology does EcoVadis use for its scores?


Well, EcoVadis analyzes 21 aspects within each company. These aspects are divided into four major themes:

  • Labor Practices and Human Rights.
  • Sustainable Procurement.
  • Environment.
  • Ethics.


To determine these criteria, EcoVadis relies on various international sustainability standards, UN global compacts, ISO 26000, and CERES (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies) principles.

The tests result in a score in each of these sections and an overall score between 0-100.


PRO3S Results


After the EcoVadis evaluation in 2023, at PRO3S, we have achieved an overall score of 60/100. This places us above 78% of all companies analyzed by the entity.

As recognition, the entity has awarded us its Silver Medal 2023, reserved for companies with a score between 54 and 66.

Regarding the breakdown by categories, we have achieved the following ratings:

  • In Environment: This is the aspect where we have excelled the most, with a score of 70/100.
  • In Labor Practices and Human Rights: we achieved a score of 50/100.
  • In Ethics: in this case, the rating is also 50/100.

Our clients and other stakeholders can rest assured that we meet the main standards in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


But at PRO3S, we are not satisfied with that; we want to continue improving every day as a company. That's why we are already working on an Improvement Action Plan—also accredited by EcoVadis in its report—that will allow us to be even more sustainable and responsible with society in the coming years.
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